SALT is a small-but-mighty, donor-supported, not-for-profit production company dedicated to creating short films (and other cool stuff!) that capture the beauty, tenderness, and wisdom of the Christian tradition.  And to do this well, we need your support! 




Give Time

As a new start up with fledgling resources, we almost always need help with administrative tasks in our "office."  If you live in the Indianapolis or Boston areas and would be willing to give us a hand packaging, mailing, shipping, filing, and more (much more!), let us know:

Give Talent

If you are looking for more creative volunteer opportunities such as editing, graphic design, moviemaking, photography, or being a "extra" for an upcoming film, let us know:

Give Treasure

Finally, as a not-for-profit, donor-supported organization, we are always in need of financial support. To help us in this way, click the "Donation" button below.  All gifts will be put directly into the making of the next film!

Your tax-deductable donation to SALT will be used for the making of future films.