summer is...

Summer is:  sweet corn, lemonade stands, iced tea, road trips, sunscreen, porch swings, lightning bugs, sprinklers, sparklers, s’mores, swimming holes, and sand between your toes. 

It’s almost September - which means summer, with all its carefree delight, is almost over.  The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and the leaves on the trees (at least in Indiana!) are here and there beginning to change.  For summer-lovers like me, reactions to all this can include (a) denial, (b) depression, (c) weeping and gnashing of teeth, and (d) all of the above.  

Thanks be to God, our tradition offers us a ray of hope.  The kingdom of God is an “already” and “not yet” kind of thing.  

“Already” we can see and taste and touch the sweet new world that God has prepared for all of creation, even though it’s “not yet” fully a reality.

So, as the summer slowly turns into fall, drink deeply.  Be mindful.  Sit down on your porch swing with a tall glass of lemonade and keep watch for a glimpse, a taste, a morsel of God’s kingdom that is already being revealed, one lightning bug at a time.  

Enjoy the last glimmers of summer, they are but a glimpse of God’s great Summer that is yet to come.

Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone!  


Thanks to Rev. Elizabeth Myer Boulton for this sweet picture of her summer babies: Maggie and Jonah.  And, thanks to the sweet, unsalted water of Lake Michigan - pure summer delight!


nine questions church visitors aren't asking  

Nine questions church visitors aren't asking (...but churches are still trying to answer)

1. So, how soon can I get involved with your committees? 

2. Can I get a longer bulletin - maybe something with more detail?

3. Will you please single me out in front of all the people during worship this morning?

4. Will you please send some "callers" by my house later and interrupt me while I fix dinner?

5. Can you please seat us in those uncomfortable pews with our fidgety kids and aging parents?

6. How quickly can I fill out a pledge card?

7. Does this church have weekly meetings, rehearsals, and other activities that will consume most of our family's free time?

8. I need more paperwork!  Can you give me a folder filled with glossy pamphlets, old newsletters, and denominational statements of belief?

9. During the worship service, can someone with a monotone voice speak (at length) about all the insider church happenings and people's private health matters?  I find this so inspiring.


A big SALT thanks you to Matt Rosine - minister, congregational consultant for Church Extension, and student of Jesus - for this witty and wise blog post.  You can read more of Matt's writing over at Mosaic.  Also, thanks to Mr. T in DC for capturing the well-worn pews at Sacred Heart Church in Columbia Heights, MD.

a sweet prayer

We find Your Word

like a cabbage.


As we pull down the

leaves, we get closer

to the heart.


And as we get closer

to the heart,

it is sweeter.


Thanks to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee for this lovely photograph.  And, thanks to the Turnball family for translating and editing and publishing, "God is No Stranger," a sweet little prayer book set in the strong and beautiful land of Haiti.


summer hiatus

Just a quick note to let everyone know that SALT is taking a digital hiatus for a few weeks this summer.  During this time of sabbath and rest, there will be no posts, tweets, facebook inspiration, photos, poems, or Pinterest pins (well, maybe a “repin” or two; sometimes we just can’t help ourselves!).  

In short, we’re taking a little time off to vision, dream, re-charge, plan, scheme, and plot our creative future together. 

So, we’ll see you back here in a few weeks!  We miss you already!

Happy summer, blue skies, ferris wheels, and fireflies,

The SALT Team



Ahhhhh, another SALT original, "Twelve Ways to Respect Other Religions!"  

Print them up, memorize them, live them, love them, give them out at church on Sunday, give them out on street corner on Monday, retweet, repost, or pin them up on Pinterest.  Love and respect are what we are called to do as Christians - let's get the word out and get to work!


A big SALT "thank you" to Becky over at Questionably Late for inspiring the design of this sunny, sassy, and smart printable!