The SALT Project has been busy (busy as bees!) creating short films for congregations, small groups, and individuals alike, ten-minute spots that engage the beauty and brokenness of the world through the lens of Christian life.  Below you can watch the three trailers of our debut films now available for purchase - and below those are some "SALTines," short pieces and glimpses of future projects now underway.

Watch.  Enjoy.  And, as always, tell us what you think!


Resurrection Trailer

Loneliness.  Addiction.  Hate.  Violence.  Death.

It's hard to know what to say.  But while we may run out of words, God will never fall silent.  Instead, God speaks and acts, dwelling with us as Jesus Christ - and through the cross, Jesus enters into the very heart of our brokenness, so that we never have to be alone.

But that's not all.  The good news of the Christian gospel is that every Good Friday ultimatley gives way to Easter Sunday.  God will always have another word: a word of love, peace, and justice - and resurrection.

Resurrection - $19.99


Baptism Trailer

Why cancer?  Why war?  Why is it that life sometimes hurts so much?

We live surrounded by mysteries, by so much that we do not know.  But there is one thing we do know: the presence of God all around us, like the waters of our mother's womb, nourishing and sustaing us. The voice of the one who splits the heavens wide open, just to say to us: "You are my beloved.  In you, I am well pleased."

This is one of the most basic, beautiful, and liberating meanings of baptism.  God's story entwining with our stories - of struggle, of hope, and above all, of love.

Baptism - $19.99



Bless Trailer

This is what the church teaches us: we are made to bless.

We are created and called to bless hammers and backpacks; relationships and homes; the waters of baptism and the bread and cup of Christ's communion; victims and perpetrators of violence, and even our own enemies.

We are made to bless!  We are "supercharged" by God to make all things new, to make all things better.

Bless - $9.99 



Creation (project in progress) 


Prayer Wheels


Little Light